Looking for a New Dining Experience in Clinton, NY?

Looking for a New Dining Experience in Clinton, NY?

Visit our casual dining restaurant and taste the difference yourself

When you come to Bannocks Restaurant & Catering in Clinton, NY, you'll always be treated like family. Husband and wife team, Joseph and Stephanie Hill, started this casual dining restaurant in 2020 with their lifelong friend, Brian Payton.

With Brian and Joseph cooking up all the delectable meals and Stephanie running the front of the house, you can trust that you'll get exceptional customer service and unforgettable food. If you're not sure where to go for dinner, give our local restaurant a try.

Built on talent and passion

Our restaurant's owners have been in the industry for their whole lives, and opening this casual dining spot has been their dream for a long time. You can trust that you'll have an amazing experience at our restaurant because:

  • Our chefs have over 15 years of experience
  • We serve unique and high-quality dishes for reasonable prices
  • We offer Native American dishes, like bannock bread, to represent Stephanie's heritage

Deciding where to go for dinner doesn't have to be hard. Stop by our family-owned restaurant today.